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Grants Available

Do you have a child (up to and including the age of 18) with cerebral palsy?

Is there a piece of equipment, communication aid or a particular service that you think will benefit your child and which your local authority will not fund?

Are you having difficulties paying for it?

Are you on means tested benefits?

Does it cost less than £1000?

Can you find a professional to back up your claim?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then we may be able to help.

Other grants available

The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust provides grants to help children and adults in need who are ill, convalescent or disabled. These are used to provide medical and household aids that make a huge difference to people's ability to manage at home and live as independently as possible. Visit the site.

Please note that we do not fund holidays, refurbishment costs and household appliances, like washing machines. We do NOT part-fund applications for equipment/services amounting to more than £1000.

We are receiving a large number of applications for iPads. Our current policy is to fund the basic model of the new iPad 2. The letter of evidence from a SALT or OT or schoolteacher needs to state that the child has tried one and can use it. If you need a more advanced model, please ask the professional supporting your application to outline the reasons for it. Where possible parents applying for iPads should ask their child’s school if they would order the iPad on their behalf. We will pay the school directly. This would help spread our money further as schools do not pay VAT.

We have agreed that all donation cheques will be valid for 6 months only.

Please click on Apply to complete our online application form. | Registered Charity 1107567 | 111 Chatsworth Road • London • NW2 4BH

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